Earn points by creating goals, logging progress, and completing before the deadline! See your Points History


Can't I just cheat and mark all my goals complete?
Yes, but where's the fun in that? The purpose of this site is to help you actually achieve your goals, not just mark them complete. So you're not doing yourself any favors by cheating. For most goals, we won't be able to check if you actually completed them or not. But we will continually be thinking of ways to hold you accountable! For example, if we implement a Buddy system, you may link up accounts with other users who you know "In Real Life" who can vouch for you.
What do I get with my points?
We are still thinking about this.
Here are some options, we can do many of these things at the same time:
  • Level Up - a certain number of points gets you to the next "level" kind of like a reputation level.
  • Display Leaderboards - bragging rights
  • Unlockables?
  • Badges for milestones or special achievements
What other features are you planning?
  • Resource Packs (Premium feature) that provide goal templates/prebuilt goals, resources, tips, and guides in a certain category
  • Chat with other users who have goals in the same categories
  • Buddy system to hold you accountable for completing your goals
  • Organized list of online resources to help you
  • Robust book library (links) to helpful books on Amazon
  • Missions/Challenges! Maybe even create your own missions for others!
Can I help with the site development or give you ideas?
Sure!! Contact Me